Sunday, March 23, 2008

guest host show playlist

03/21/08 playlist - hall of fame show

artist - song - album (label)
electrelane - gone under sea - the power out (too pure)

the for carnation - get and stay get march - fight songs ep (matador)
the kingsbury manx - pelz comet - aztec discipline (overcoat)
nobukazu takemura - fallslake - 10th (thrill jockey)
del rey - deploy - darkness & distance (my pal god)
eyvind kang / tucker martine - dim bridges - orchestra dim bridges (conduit)
ken nordine - green - colors (asphodel)
can - one more night - ege bamyasi (mute)
kronos quartet / mogwai - death is a disease - the fountain soundtrack (nonesuch)
jonny greenwood - proven lands - there will be blood soundtrack (nonesuch)
nik bartsch's ronin - modul 38_17 - stoa (ecm)
galaxie 500 - jerome - uncollected (ryko)
spiritualized - feel so sad 7" - complete works vol 1 (arista)
sigur ros - hljomalind -
hvart (xl)
wilco - impossible germany - sky blue sky (nonesuch)
the durutti column - rope around my neck - dry (materiali sonori)
neu! - isi - neu! 75 (astralwerks)
skalpel - so far - s/t (ninja tune)
ken nordine - magenta - colors (asphodel)
edith progue - 2pm - timeline (mille plateaux)
to rococo rot - miss you - hotel morgen (domino)
the books - an animated description of mr maps - lost & safe (tomlab)
ensemble - their lines - disown, delete ep (fat cat)
charlotte gainsbourg - night time intermission - 5:55 (vice)
terry riley - track 1 - in c (ars nova)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This site is now serving as the archive for the radio show "betweenthelines", which aired on KUCI from 2002 - 2006. I will try to post older playlists in time, feel free to look around. Comments are welcomed.

Friday, March 31, 2006

state of the show

Dear listeners and friends,

I will be taking an unexpected break from doing the show for the next few months. My hope is to resume things by this summer, although it will most likely be on a different day and time.

So what happened you ask? All shows at KUCI work on a renewal system for each school quarter, and for the first time in 5 years I missed the deadline by about 10 hours!

I want to say thank you to all listeners of the show, and all the record labels that have been very supportive to myself and the station. betweenthelines was on the air for over 4 years nonstop, and will be back as soon as possible. I will remain active in the experimental music dept at KUCI. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, stories, support...etc.
Thank you again, and please be patient...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

playlist 03/22/06

ARTIST - song : album (label)

GLENN KOTCHE - fantasy on a shona theme :: mobile (nonesuch)
FUNCTION - the wind itself :: the secret miracle fountain (locust)
ANTERLAND - rows of unbending lines :: branches (sound family)
JACKIE-O - rockaway :: flags of the sacred harp (atp)
THE ANGELS OF LIGHT - palisades :: everything is good here / please come home (young god)
LOW - shame :: long division (vernon yard)
CAN - one more night :: ege bamyasi (mute / spoon)
EYVIND KANG and TUCKER MARTINE - the echoing green :: orchestra dim bridges (conduit)
WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY - for people unknown :: we fight till death (secretly canadian)
GLENN BRANCA - 4th movement of symphony no. 6 :: selections from the symphonies (atavistic)
PAN AMERICAN - stars friday :: pan american (kranky)
TALKDEMONIC - dusty fluorescent / wooden shelves :: beat romantic (arrco)
THE BOOKS - be good to them always :: lost and safe (tomlab)
THE BOOKS - fralite :: music for a french elevator (self released)
THE BOOKS - smells like content :: lost and safe (tomlab)
THE BOOKS - meditation outtakes :: music for a french elevator (self released)
THE BOOKS - it never changes to stop :: lost and safe (tomlab)
THE BOOKS - tokyo :: the lemon of pink (tomlab)
THE BOOKS - three day night :: music for a french elevator (self released)
THE BOOKS - ah....i see :: music for a french elevator (self released)
TOMAS JIRKU - 99 12 20 12 03 01 05 17 41 :: variants (alien8)
BRIAN McBRIDE - overture [for other halfs] :: when the detail lost it's freedom (kranky)
CRIB - laconic ::forward back (win)
RHYS CHATHAM - allegro :: an angel moves too fast to see (table of the elements)


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

playlist 03/15/06

ARTIST - song title :: album (label)

DAVID GRUBBS - knight errant :: a guess at the riddle (drag city)
BRIGHT - manifest harmony :: bells break their towers (strange attractors)
BATHYSCAPHE - flexible :: -11034m (where are my records)
ZELIENOPLE - boxes on shores :: ink (loose thread)
HEITAI MUSHI - you'll be buried :: soldier beetle ep (self released)
MOGWAI - new paths to helicon pt II :: government commissions (matador)
MARCONI UNION - sleepless :: from distance (all saints)
SIGUR ROS - hafsol :: hoppipolla ep (emi)
GLENN KOTCHE - clapping music variations :: mobile (nonesuch)
STEVE REICH - three movements :: works box set (nonesuch)
GREGG KOWALSKY - tendrils [guitar pickup] :: through the cardial window (kranky)
KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN - track 1 :: recorded in lisbon (kranky)
GROWING - fancy peroid :: color wheel (megablade)
STARS OF THE LID - even if you're never awake :: kompilation (kranky)
THE BOOKS - an owl with knees :: lost and safe (tomlab)
MURCOF - una :: utopia (leaf)